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Cloud based accounting

The cloud is where modern businesses put their data. By having your company’s data in the cloud you can access it from any computer or device. Before the cloud, your financial data was only available to you when you were physically at the bank or looking at a spreadsheet on your computer. With internet banking, your financial data is available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Built for small businesses

With a market share of more than 80 percent among small businesses, QuickBooks reigns supreme in the world of financial management software. That popularity can be credited to its vast lineup of features for invoicing, bill payments, income tracking, inventory management, and more — basically, everything a business could ever need accounting-wise. And with all of these "smarter business tools" accessible on one clean, flexible interface, it should come as no surprise that QuickBooks was recently named the PC Mag Editors' Choice for online accounting software.

Secure and reliable

QuickBooks Online uses bank-grade security to protect your data. It is suitable for businesses with one or multiple locations, and it can also track classes if your business is organized by department. It can also track projects and inventory, making it a great choice for nearly every business type. Using POS system and e-commerce platforms? We will connect to them via third-party integrations, or apps, and automatically sync data between systems. With all these features, it is no surprise that it earns the best review over other accounting software, according to review sites,, etc.

30 Days Free

Contact us and let us set up a free one-month trial for you*. The team at Synergic is so confident you’ll be pleased that we are willing to work for free so you can discover that for yourself. Contact us anytime, and we’ll give you a confidential consultation.

* One-month free trial offer is available for Annual Packages only.

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